Author of the Week: Susan Spencer-Smith

This week we introduce Susan Spencer-Smith and her cozy mystery Corpse in the Cookery: A Glory Girls Mystery

In Corpse in the Cookery: A Glory Girls Mystery, dragon lady Gudrun Wince lies dead in Glory Hallelujah Church after being stabbed while concocting Mammy’s Marvelous Biscuit Casserole. When the best suspects and the culprit elude Sherriff Dooley Skiles, his official deputies, and unofficial backroom boys, Edith Fay Smith and the Glory Girls step into the investigation of Gudrun Wince’s murder. Tiny Biddlebourne, West Virginia will be changed forever.

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"Death gave Gudrun Wince a serenity unknown to her in life. Her eyes and knees were closed. Mercifully, so was her mouth. If her murder hadn’t been so messy, most of Biddlebourne would have thanked God for it.

            Matter of fact, Buddy Lee Delbert blasphemed when he stumbled on the body and got blood and broccoli on his steel-toed boots. So roundly did he swear that the eight surviving contestants looked up from their measuring.

            The mess on Buddy Lee’s brogans, which cost a week’s wages for a job that lasted two months, reminded him of the oozing crimson patch on his privates and backside. The rash had appeared after a midnight romp with Lizzie Etta Edge in a pine glade lined with poison ivy. He had not regretted that day until now.

            While Buddy Lee puked his breakfast grits into a colander and scratched his behind, the Glory Girls of Glory Hallelujah Church strode to Cooking Audition Station Nine, at which Gudrun Wince, desirous herself of becoming a Glory Girl, had lately been mixing Mammy’s Marvelous Biscuit Casserole." 

Susan Spencer-Smith draws on her experience as pastor and journalist to write fiction and nonfiction. Susan wrote and edited at the Weirton Daily Times and Wheeling News-Register in her native West Virginia and at daily newspapers in Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Dayton. She answered God’s call to pulpit ministry at age 40, earned a master of divinity degree at United Theological Seminary, Dayton, and served 16 years as a United Methodist pastor. She lives and writes in Weirton, West Virginia, with help from her husband, Grant Beamer, and her cat, Thud.

Susan’s inspirational cozy mysteries come to life in Biddlebourne, the literary double of Middlebourne, West Virginia.

Susan, who was born in Sistersville, West Virginia, and whose forebears lived and worked in Middlebourne and the surrounding Tyler County, invites readers to pull up a chair to a corner of Appalachia where corn grows tall in the bottoms, muskies run thick in the creek, and locals do things their own way

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