Q & A with Cozy Cat Authors

Every great sleuth has a motto or catch phrase that sticks with them through their mystery solving careers, even if the famed detective never actually says it. (Can someone say Elementary my dear Watson?) 

We reached out to some of the Authors of Cozy Cat Press and asked them what slogan or motto their Sleuths lived by. The answers reveal a lot about their characters.

"My sleuth, Sandy Fairfax, has a catch phrase. In the 1970s he played a
teenaged spy in the hit TV show "Buddy Brave, Boy Sleuth." Whenever the
bad guys had him cornered, the pretty girl guest star asked how they
would escape and he said, 'Don't worry, I'll think of something!' "

-  Sally Carpenter [Author of Sandy Fairfax Teen Idol Mysteries]


"Yes! Piper O'Donnell has a slogan. I actually came up with two.'Fashion first, dead bodies second.' Or 'Never let a dead body get in the way of good fashion sense.' "

-  Jennifer Vido [Author of Piper O'Donnell Social Lite Mysteries]


"Bert Shambles doesn't have a personal motto per se, but if he did it would be    something like the first sentence in the first book in the series (DEAD STOCK): 'Whoever said that thing about how no man is an island probably doesn't live on one.' Bert is living back in his Long Island hometown and feels isolated and cut off from his peers because of trouble in his past. And he obviously wasn't paying attention in English class! I think it sums him up as well as anything."

- Tim Hall [Author of Bert Shambles Mysteries]


Thanks Authors for your lovely answers! It's a great insight into the characters and how they approach each mystery.  And I have to agree with Piper O'Donnell for sure; no dead body should ever get in the way of a perfectly put together outfit! 

Check back next week to see what question we ask the Authors next.  But in the meantime like or comment this post. We'd love to know who's motto or slogan you enjoyed : )

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