Author of the Week: Amy Beth Arkawy

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This week we are talking about author Amy Beth Arkawy and her book Dead Silent: An Eliza Gordon Mystery 

Dead Silent is currently the only book Amy has published through Cozy Cat Press, but it is actually the second book in the Eliza Gordon series. Dead Silent is a mystery where amateur sleuth Eliza Gordon attempts to solve the murder of radio talk host Paul Hackett, who was found strangled in his studio. 

In this mystery Eliza not only tries to solve this murder, but she also tries to keep her relationship with the police chief alive. So this book is not only for mystery junkies, but romance junkies as well! This mystery even adds more drama and suspense with a new gossip site, and the unexpected arrival of Eliza's brother-in-law. 

Check out this excerpt from Dead Silent: 

  "Let's just say we don't exactly have that much to say to each other." Eliza left it at that. She didn't want to go into the tension, the nonsense with those weird parties and the and the more than occasional sleepover guests that made going home-- even to that sprawling house with more than enough rooms in which to hide-- increasingly uncomfortable. Jonas was, after all her beloved late husband Eddie's baby brother. Eliza tried to avoid confrontation. She was no longer a soap actress, and even when she had been, she tried to keep her real life drama to a minimum. 

"I wonder what he's up to," Midge said. "Whatever it is, he's pretty computer savvy, isn't he?"

Want to find out more about Eliza and her brother-in-law? Need to know who murdered Hackett and why? Does Eliza and the Chief's relationship survive? By it here on amazon:

Amy has also grown roots other than Cozy Cat. Amy has written other books and plays including: 

  • Killing Time: An Eliza Gordon Mystery published by Hen House Press. This is the first in the Eliza Gordon series
  • Fiction Noir: Thirteen Stories
  •  Psychic Chicken Soup which was nominated for the McLaren Comedy Award nominee
  •  Full Moon, Saturday Night
  •  Listening to Insomnia: Rage Amongst Yourselves
  •  Crazy Vivian Doesn’t Shop at Bloomie’s Anymore
  •   The Lost Mertz 
  •  The Postman Always Writes Twice

Amy's works have been produced throughout the country, including New York, and they have also been feature in several anthologies. 

She is also a creativity coach, writing teacher, radio talk show host, and a freelance journalist. 

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