Author of the Week: Lane Buckman

Cozy Cat Press begins March with Lane Buckman as our Author of the Week! She is the author of Tiara Trouble: A Destinee Faith Miller Mystery


Tiara Trouble is about Destinee Faith Miller, a pageant girl who's dream of being Miss American Universe slipped through her fingers. Now she owns a pageant consulting business. When a local death allows her to take charge of a national pageant, she once again starts dreaming of becoming a star. However, as judges keep dying, Destinee now must figure out how to solve this mystery, all while pulling off a flawless pageant.  

Check out this excerpt from Tiara Trouble:

"It wasn't a second before she was falling backwards, crumbling and tumbling. She didn't even have time to scream before her head hit the edge of that first stone step with a horrible crunch, and then about every other one on her way down, leaving splashes and slashes of crimson on the light granite stairs and the glass partitioning along the rails." 

Want to read more? Need to find out who is picking of the judges one by one? Wondering if Destinee is able to pull of that pageant? Buy it here on Amazon:

Lane Buckman's inspiration for writing started when she was a child and dreamed of a number of occupations. Instead of picking to be a lawyer, super model, journalist, or many of the other occupations she fantasized about, Buckman decided to write in order to become a lawyer, super model, or journalist through her characters. 

Buckman currently resides in Texas with her family. 

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