Author of the Week: Jacqueline Corcoran

Cozy Cat is proud to show off Jacqueline Corcoran and her mystery Maiming of the Shrew: A Snarky Mom Mystery for Author of the Week! 

Maiming of the Shrew is about Drew Westen, who is a social-work professor and mom. A women named Sharon Abramowitz, who is most definitely a shrew, is found murdered. Drew isn't particularly interested in her death, until her maid Blanca is arrested for the murder. Drew believes Blanca is innocent, and is determined to prove it. 

Check out this excerpt! 

"The laugh didn't come. Wind rattled the branches above and rustled the leaves that remained on the trees. Another scream sounded-- louder-- but still I saw nothing. 

I dipped my hand into my tote to search for my sell in case I had to call 911. But I'd tossed my phone into the bag in disgust when Sharon hadn't answered as I'd swept her neighborhood for a parking spot. After pawing around in the rubble of my tote for several frantic moments, I broke the news to Noah." 

Want to find out what happened to Sharon? Can Drew clear Blanca's name? Who really murdered Sharon and why? But it here on Amazon:

Like her heroine Jacqueline is also a social- work professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is married with two children, living in D.C. 

Jacqueline was born in England to Irish and Welsh parents, but she's lived in the U.S for the majority of her life. 

She has also been a very busy writer, being the author of these books (a mixture of fiction and nonfiction works):

  • Maltipoos Are Murder
  • Krystyn's Diary 
  • Memoir of Death
  • A Month of Sundays
  • Backlit
  • The Depression Solutions Workbook
  • Write Your Way to Right Thinking 
  • Collaborative Cognitive Behavioral Intervention in Social Work Practice: A Workbook
  • Social Work Research Skills Workbook
  • Helping Skills for Social Work Direct Practice
  • Mental Health in Social Work: A Casebook on Diagnosis and Strengths Based Assessment
  • Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis in Social Work Practice
  • Mental Health Treatment for Children and Adolescents
  • Cognitive- Behavioral Methods: A Workbook for Social Workers
  • Building Strengths and Skills: A Collaborative Approach to Working With Clients
  • Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis
  • Groups in Social Work: A Workbook
  • Clinical Applications of Evidence-Based Family Interventions
  • Evidence-Based Social Work Practice with Families: A Lifespan Approach

Want to know more about Jacqueline? Visit her website:  Her blogs: and

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