Introducing Fashionista Sleuth Piper O'Donnell!

Here we are, a week closer to the release of Murder by the Minutes, and it's time to get to know Piper O'Donnell a little bit better. Those of you who have already met her in Par for the Course and Country Clubbed know that she lives and breathes all things Lily Pulitzer. With her Barbie doll looks, Piper is a true fashionista and social butterfly. We asked author Jennifer Vido a few more questions about her sleuth.

How does Piper approach solving a mystery?

Piper relies on the two men in her life, her fiancé Rusty O'Brien and her sidekick Jay Baker, to help her solve a mystery.  In Par for the Course, Jay came to her rescue. They have been BFFs ever since. 

Does Piper have any special hobbies?

Piper pretends to know how to play golf. In reality, she prefers shopping as her exercise of choice.

And finally, is Piper knowledgeable about a certain subject?

Piper is attuned to the latest fashion trends and designers. She is always impeccably dressed.

Now that you know a little bit more about Piper, read the following synopsis of Murder by the Minutes to find out what our sleuth is up to now!

            Never judge a book by its cover unless Piper O’Donnell is prominently on display. Woodlawn, Ohio’s newest library board of trustee member is busily securing her social status by organizing the library’s premiere event of the season––the Booklovers’ Ball. Unfortunately, Piper’s dreamy vision of pink panache vanishes into thin air when she stumbles over a dead body in the library director’s office. Forget the evites and the party favors. The list of possible suspects could fill a bestseller, and they include Piper’s own sister who was spotted at the scene of the crime. There’s also a charismatic minister thought to be short on offerings for his ambitious mega church. And rumors are circulating that the library director himself and his ditzy assistant may also be cooking the books. With help from her handsome fiancé Rusty O’Brien, Piper puts her sleuthing skills to work to investigate the complicated crime. The minutes are ticking down for Woodlawn’s top party planner. Will Piper be able to uncover the mysterious killer who is intent on ruining her lavish affair––and can she do it before the next board meeting?    

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