Author of the Week: Glen Ebisch

This weeks Author of the week is Glen Ebisch. Ebisch is the author of The Black Dog: A Marcie and Amanda Mystery. 

The Black Dog is a mystery about Marcie Ducasse, a column writer for the Roaming New England Magazine. She loves to write about the supernatural, and one "ghost story" suddenly becomes fascinating to her. Legend tells it that whoever sees a particular black dog appear three times will die, and as luck would have it a man just happens to fall prey to this legend. Now Marcie must determine if this death is really the result of an old legend or if a human might be the cause of a hated man's death.  

Check out this excerpt!

"As he started to turn to go back the way he had come, he saw a small black figure run out from the trees and head towards him. A black dog. He knew the story. He should; he'd already seen the dog twice. The first time nothing bad happened. The second time he'd returned home to find that his partner, Jeffrey Hunter, had committed suicide. The third time you saw the dog, legend said, it meant your own death. His heart pounding in terror, he quickly backed away from the creature that was eagerly running up the slope towards him as if happy to see him, its mouth open but not emitting a sound. Its feet seeming not to touch the ground. A ghostly dog, a sepulchral dog. 

His back slammed into an outcropping of rock. To his right was the dog and to the left was the edge of the cliff. He prepared himself to turn, go around the rock, and run back down the mountain. Perhaps you can't outrun death, he thought desperately, but what choice did he have?" 

Want to find out if this legend is really true? And if it's not then who killed this man? Will Marcie figure it out? Buy it here on Amazon:

The Black Dog mystery isn't Glen's only published work. Glen has been writing and publishing books since the 1980s. His list of published works includes: 

  • Unwanted Inheritance 
  • The Crying Girl
  • Ghosts from the Past
  • A Rocky Road 
  • Grave Justice 
  • When the Last Dance is Over
  • The Blank Canvas 
  • Breaking the Rules: Five Star Mystery Series
  • Woven Hearts
  • The Crying Girl, A Roaming New England Mystery
  • The Hero Pose: Five Star Mystery Series
  • Angel in the Snow
  • Lou Dunlop: Private Eye
  • To Breath Again
  • The Bad Actor
  • To Grandmothers House: Five Star Mystery Series 
  • Lou Dunlop: Cliffhanger (Crosswinds)
  • Shock Effect (Crosswinds)
  • Behind the Mask (First Love From Silhouette) 
  • Religious Humanism
  • The Secret of Blue Fish Point
  • A Special Power

All of Glen's works are available on Amazon.

Currently Glen lives in Massachusetts with his wife, where he continues to write mysteries. He also enjoys yoga. 

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