Interview with Jennifer Vido on upcoming book "Murder by the Minutes"

            It's another week closer to April 13th, the release date for Jennifer Vido's newest mystery "Murder by the Minutes"! This week we are lucky enough to have an interview with the author, Jen Vido herself.  

1. When did the idea of Piper O'Donnell and a Social Lite Mystery series become something that you wanted to work on and make become a reality?

Back in 2005, I was working as a book reviewer and columnist. After interviewing numerous New York Times bestselling authors, I was bitten by the writing bug, so to speak.  I decided to take a stab at becoming a published author. It took me one year to write the first manuscript and four long years to sell it. I never gave up!   

2. Was Piper O'Donnell always your character for the amateur sleuth or did you have other character ideas?

Piper has been the one and only amateur sleuth for me. Quite frankly, she has become an extended member of our family! 

3. Golfing seems to be a prominent part of the first two books of the series, "Par for the Course" and "Country Clubbed". So what made you switch gears and turn towards a library as the main setting for this third mystery?

Originally, I envisioned the series to remain within the country club setting. However, as Piper’s character evolved, so has the locale. It seems like a natural progression. 

4. Is there a lot of research that goes into your mysteries, or are you able to draw on information from your own experiences?

I tend to draw upon my own experiences in the initial plotting phase. I then take it a step further and research the topic in order for my story to ring true with my readers. For example, I spent a rainy Saturday afternoon at a shooting range to learn how to properly fire a pistol. I am a firm believer in being authentic in my novels.    

5. Did you face any difficulties in finishing this latest book of the series?

As a book blogger, my main focus is to promote other authors’ books. Finding time to write my own became a bit of a challenge for me this go-around. I had to learn to make my writing career a priority. I discovered that if I committed to write daily, my story took on a life of its own.         

6. What were you most excited about for this book? Did you introduce any new characters, or have an exciting plot twist?

This novel is all about character development. My readers will get to know Piper on a whole new level. And yes, there are a few plot twists that will keep them guessing along the way! 

7. Do you have any beginning thoughts for the fourth Piper O'Donnell Social Lite Mystery?

I have already plotted out my next Piper mystery! The fourth book will be a holiday theme. I am looking forward to starting the research next week. It’s going to be a busy spring and summer for me. 

Thanks again Jennifer, for all of your answers and letting us get to know more about your Piper O'Donnell Social Lite mystery series!


The third book in the series, "Murder by the Minutes" is currently available for pre-order on amazon: 


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