Author of the Week: Kate O' Connell

Author of the Week introduces Kate O'Connell and her book Dying to Dance: A Maddie Fitzpatrick Dance Mystery!

Dying to Dance is a mystery about Maddie Fitzpatrick who teaches at her local dance studio after a televised dance show puts a dent in her career. However, to make matters worse a student dies during a dance class. After discovering that the student's death was no accident, she begins to investigate the women's life and death hoping to clear the dance school and its director Peter. 

Check out this excerpt! 

"Maddie Fitzpatrick watched with a growing sense of alarm as the women in front of her, Alice Walters, a thirty-something, doe-like creature with a pointed face and vein-lined limbs, teetered precariously on her heals again. The teacher in Maddie deliberated the benefits of intervention. On the one hand, changing shoes could destroy forty-five minutes of hard work; on the other, ignoring the increasingly spastic wobbles could leave her first student in Pembroke with a bruised ego at best, and at worst, a broken ankle." 

Need to find out if Alice Walters is the student who is murdered? Want to find out who the murder is? Buy it here on Amazon:

Kate has a BA in theater and history, an MA in dance history and criticism, and a MPhil in Dance Studies. 

Kate has lived in a variety of places throughout her life. While she was born in America, she hasn't lived here her entire life. She's lived in Europe and South Africa as well, giving her a unique accent that keeps people guessing as to where she's from. 

Argentine Tango has been the focus of Kate's research, and she continues to teach classes and workshops. She also likes to occasionally move aside the furniture in her home to dance with her husband. 

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