Sneak Peak at Jennifer Vido's "Murder by the Minutes"

It's almost time for Piper O'Donnell to make her third appearance in Jennifer Vido's Social Lite Mystery series. Murder by the Minutes becomes available on Monday, April 13th, but for those of you who can't wait any longer, here's a small excerpt from the upcoming mystery.


            “If we plan on making this library ball a huge success, the tickets will need to go on sale sooner rather than later,” insisted the vivacious blonde draped in an exquisite pink designer suit.  She sashayed to the other side of the room in her killer stilettos with the unwavering precision of a high-end fashion model.  “I’m not sure what all the fuss is about concerning the minor details.  That’s exactly why we established all of these committees.”  Piper drew the group’s attention to the white board affixed on the wall by intentionally flashing her sparkling diamond engagement ring.  “It gives the Library Friends ample opportunity to put their stamp on the event.  Remember…” she clasped her perfectly manicured hands together, “this is a community effort, my fellow board members.”  With a sunshiny grin, she surveyed the group assembled around the boardroom table for their reaction as she slowly took her seat.  Their solemn faces did little to indicate a ringing endorsement for Piper’s proposal causing her to stash the latest celebrity magazine under her stack of board notes.  Perhaps the party planning issue would not be needed just yet.  

            Piper O’Donnell reveled in her highly controversial appointment to the Woodlawn Library Board of Trustees.  Despite having resided in the quaint Ohioan suburb of Woodlawn for more than a few years, Piper would forever be labeled as a scheming gatecrasher.  This well-known fact did little to deter the charismatic trustee from making her mark on the town.  An active board member, she boasted a perfect record of attendance for every function, obligatory as well as optional.  This lavish event would mark her one year anniversary on the board, a fact she proudly repeated when given the chance.  Being the brainchild behind this soiree was the feather in her cap.  Piper’s vision to make the library ball the social event of the season was the driving force behind her dogged determination.  Of course, the chance to showcase a stunning gown to her infamous circle of friends was all the incentive she needed.  Fashion would always remain Piper’s first love.”


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