Author of the Week: Marlo Hollinger

This week Cozy Cat presents author Marlo Hollinger and her book Catered to Death: A Midlife Crisis Mystery. 


Catered to Death is a mystery in which happily married couple DeeDee and Steve Pearson, who are close to retiring, must solve the murder of a school principal. DeeDee starts her own catering company, and her first job is at an elementary school. When the principle is murdered, DeeDee realizes she must solve his murder in order to get her first paycheck, and to make sure her catering company will be a success. However, narrowing down the suspects is proving to be difficult. 

Check out this excerpt: 

"Murder was the very last thing on my mind when I put on my favorite red jacket, applied one last dab of Blushing Berry lipstick and smiled just a wee bit nervously at my reflection in the small mirror that hangs in the front hallway of the brick bungalow I share with the love of my life, my husband Steve. For several long seconds, I squinted at the woman looking back at me before deciding that I looked all right. Not stunning but I'd left stunning behind a few years back so I was more than OK with all right. One of the biggest blessing of hitting middle age, in my opinion anyway, is no longer being quite so obsessed with the size of my thighs or the way my bangs made me look as I'd once been. I've heard that with age comes wisdom but I also think that with age comes a healthy wallop of reality." 

Want to find out who murdered the principal? Wondering if DeeDee gets her paycheck? Or more importantly if she solves the murder without getting into trouble herself? Buy it here on amazon:

Marlo grew up in the Midwest, where she still lives with her husband, two sons, and four cats. 

She likes to read and watch "made for t.v." movies. She also spends her time imagining dark secrets and ulterior motives in everyone she meets. Who knows maybe she'll discover one in you, and you'll end up in her next book! 

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