Author(s) of the Week: Annie Irvin and Rae Sanders

This week Cozy Cat fans get a 2 in 1 Author of the Week! This week we are talking about sisters Annie Irvin and Rae Sanders and their mystery Final Sale: A Bittersweet Hollow Mystery 

Annie Irvin

Annie Irvin

Rae Sanders

Rae Sanders

Final Sale is a mystery in which Mead and Alice Hoover are trying to buy the Bittersweet Inn, a bed and breakfast, from Olivia Waterford. However, during the Pumpkin Fest-- held on the ground of the inn-- the Hoover's real estate agent, Grace Potter, is found murdered. Alice, who claims to be a psychic, says that Potter's ghost refuses to let the sale go through if her murder isn't solved. 

Check out this excerpt: 

Lonnie put her hand on her husband's arm. "You look as though you've seen a ghost." 

Paul sat down heavily on the top porch step. "In the shed." 

"What's in the shed? A ghost?"

"Paul swallowed hard. "Grace Potter." 

Harper frowned. "Grace Potter's in the shed or a ghost's in the shed?"

"Pretty much the same thing, I'd say. I just tripped over a body and it's definitely Grace and she's definitely dead."

"Good Lord," Harper said, her voice shaky. "Does it look like a heart attack?"

"Nope," Paul said quietly. "It looks like a murder." 

Want to find out who murdered Grace? Wondering if the sale goes through? Buy it here on Amazon:

Annie and Rae became interested in Cozy Mysteries when they were teenagers. Now they spend their time writing about the characters that live in Bittersweet Hollow. 

Rae once consulted a fortune teller who predicted she would be married three times and would end up living near the water. Rae, who isn't a swimmer, didn't believe her so called future. Yet, Rae is married to her third husband and living in Minnesota-- the land of 10,000 lakes! Along with writing, she also enjoys fishing. 

Annie was lucky enough to inherit her grandfather's book collection, and no matter what she always makes sure she has enough room in a Uhaul to bring every single one with her when she moves. Annie lives in Iowa, where apparently gossip and scandal are common.

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