Author of the Week: Bret Jones

This week Cozy Cat Press presents Bret Jones and his mystery Listener in the Dark: An Old-Time Radio Mystery 

Listener in the Dark is about Tucker Niles who broadcasts old-time radio shows every Sunday night. Niles also spends times going to conventions. His friend Bobby is on a quest to find lost shows that would make any OTR collector's day. Then Bobby is murdered, and Niles is determined to find his killer. Along the way Niles discovers Bobby was on the track to finding the dream show of every OTR collector: the lost I Love a Mystery programs. Niles now has to worm his way through lies, betrayals, and crooked collectors to find out what exactly happened to Bobby, and why anyone would go so far as to murder him. 

Check out this excerpt: 

 "What were you doing out tonight, anyway?"

He shrugged. "I wanted you to hear the show I'd found. And anyway, the station is only a few blocks away."

"I understand all that," Tucker said. He felt one of Bobby's "mysterious episodes" about to take over. Bobby had been known to disappear for days without telling anyone where he'd gone or why. "What were you doing out wandering around this time of night." 

"Aw, you know me." 

Tucker nodded readily in agreement to that. "That's why I'm asking." 

"Had to think." 

He knew what that meant. "You about to take off again?"

Want to find out if Niles is able to find out who murdered Bobby? Wondering if Bobby really did find those lost OTR shows? Get your copy of Listener in the Dark here on Amazon.

While Listener in the Dark was Jones' first cozy mystery, he has written many other books, along with plays and screenplays. Here's a small sample of the  large body of work Bret has composed:


  •   Modus Operandi:  A Collection of Short Stories
  • The Cowboy Culprit
  • The Hawkshaw Chronicles


  • The Opposite of People
  • The Hero Zone
  • The Gray and the Blue


  •  Learning to Dance to Teach One’s Elders
  • Night and Silence
  • The Mouth of the Lion,

Bret is currently the Program Director of Theatre at Wichita State University. He is the co-founder and writer for the Ancient Radio Players, a performance troupe based out of Oklahoma. 

Bret resides in Goddard, Kansas, with his wife and three kids. Find out more about Bret and his extensive works here:

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