Author of the Week: Tim Hall

Welcome to another Author of the Week! This week we feature Tim Hall and his book Dead Stock: A Bert Shambles Mystery

Dead Stock is about Bert Shambles, a man just trying to keep his life together. After a three year sentence Bert is working part time at a church thrift shop, while selling vintage clothes on the side. When Bert learns of a widow offering a reward for the proof of her husband's murder, and her husband's favorite putter, Bert sets off to solve this mystery. However, it isn't as easy as it seems. Now Bert has to keep himself from being framed so that he doesn't end up back in jail, or worse. 

Check out this excerpt! 

"Okay, that wasn't exactly soon. But what happened after my last entry was so messed up that I didn't have time to write until now. I'm going to try getting the whole story out while it's still fresh in my mind. It won't be easy, since I pretty much have to type one-handed for the next few weeks, but I've got nothing better to do. Besides, if any of this comes back to haunt me, then at least I'll have my version of events straight. 

See? I still think like a criminal." 

Want to find out if Bert's criminal mind helps him solve a murder without landing him back in jail? Buy it here on Amazon:

Tim is set to release the second Bert Shambles mystery this spring. So if you haven't read Dead Stock you better hurry! 

Tim's crime fiction has appeared in a number of places including: THUGLIT, BIGnews, and Chicago Reader, and the Cannibal Cookbook anthology. 

He also frequently appears at events including:

  • Malice Domestic
  • Deadly Ink
  • Noir at the Bar
  • KGB reading series
  • Brooklyn Book Festival

Before starting is fiction career Tim held a number of jobs such as journalist, musician, bike messenger, and moving man! He uses his experience at each job for inspiration for his characters.

Tim was also co-founder of the Outsiders Writers Collective, and he is an active member of the NY chapter Mystery Writers of America. 

Tim currently lives in New York with his wife and son. 

Want to find out more about Tim? Visit his website:

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