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Today we are featuring some reviews of the earlier novels in the John and Mary Braemhor in anticipation of the final blog this week: exclusive excerpts from Owen Magruder's newest John and Mary Braemhor mystery. 

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On Amazon this mystery has been rated a 4.5 out of 5! 

"This book may not win any major prizes, but was a pleasure to read. Set first in Scotland, then in Nova Scotia, this was a well written mystery that I enjoyed and quickly read. I am not usually much of a mystery buff and I chose this book for geographic reasons; no regrets whatsoever.

Not too much gore or violence, decently clever plot, nice descriptions of landscapes and cultures."

~Jonathan Byran

"See my review of The Feud at Glencoe by the same author. He has created interesting protagonists and quirky plots. Fun read!"

~Robert A. Erlandson

nfortunately there are no reviews for Magruder's second novel. However, don't be discouraged! Here at Cozy Cat Press we assure you this novel is just as great as all the other ones! Maybe one of you will be the first to review! 

Reviews from: 

his novel as a rating of 5 out of 5 stars! 

"Disclaimer: I've known the author for 65 years, but haven't seen him for 62 years. I had no idea he had published three British mystery books until a Christmas letter announced this book. I ordered all three books and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Most of my fiction reading is of British mysteries and Owen Magruder has become a fixture on my list. I hope he publishes another volume soon. His protagonists, John and Mary Braemhor, are an interesting couple and, unlike many "partner" stories, they work together to solve the mysteries. Magruder has been able to produce consistently "fun" reads and that's the most I expect from any fiction author."

~Robert A. Erlandson

"Let me introduce you to a swell detective duo: private investigator John Braemhor and his wife Mary, the Nick and Nora of the modern day sleuthing world! The pair have a keen eye for details, and are very capable of finding the clues that will solve the case. The Braemhors run a B&B in the Scottish Highlands and yet are ready at a moment’s notice to travel the distance it takes to solve the mysteries that come their way. They always say two heads are better than one and in the case of John and Mary it is proven to be true. They can talk through the case with reasoning and logic and undercover work can be conducted with a wink and a smile. 
What great tales author Owen Magruder has spun with his adept understanding of the true British cozy. John and Mary could certainly match wits with Paul Temple and his wife Louise or Holmes and Watson. There is such a wonderful thread running through all of these tales that kept yours truly reading through the night, with a spot of whiskey and a blanket on hand. So if ever find yourself in Scotland, in a spot of trouble or a mystery to solve you may want to contact John and Mary to investigate the matter. Hold on, that’s right they’re only to be found in the pages of a book. Guess I got caught up in The Feud at Glencoe!"

~Barbara Jean Coast 


We hope that these few reviews got you excited for final blog post featuring Magruder's works! Come back Sunday to read exclusive excerpts from Death at Beggar's Knob. 

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