Author(s) of the Week: Rita Gard Seedorf and Margaret Albi Verhoef

We end May's author of the week posts with another 2 in 1! This week we are talking about Rita Gard Seedorf and Margaret Albi Verhoef. Together Rita and Margaret are the authors of Letters From Brackham Wood: A Moira Edwards Mystery 

Rita Seedorf

Rita Seedorf

Margaret Verhoef

Margaret Verhoef

Letters From Brackham Woods is a mystery set in 1937 England. The main character Moira Edwards is a maid who lost contact with her family 20 years ago, and so she decides to send a letter to last known address of her uncle, aunt, and cousin in America. She reconnects with her cousin Margaret Walker and the two begin to send letters to each other during World War II in which the two reflect on their lives, the world around them, and of espionage, in which Moira has found herself in the middle of. 

Check out this excerpt:

"Had I not been orphaned when my parents died in the 1919 influenza pandemic, I imagine that my life would be very different from the one I now live. I love learning and had intended to one day to become a teacher of English Literature in a girl's grammar school. I was a happy day student at Charwell School for Girls when both my parents were struck by their fatal illness....

My parents had sacrificed to pay the tuition that allowed me to attend grammar school. Therefore, when I lost them, I not only became an orphan, but without resources to pay, I was forced to leave me school at the end of the term. I said goodbye to my parents, my classmates and my dreams within a very short time span."

Want to read more about Moira's past? Want to follow these girl's new found connection? Buy it here on amazon:

Rita and Margaret are hold high school classmates who were reunited when they planned their high school reunion.

Rita is a retired academic who has also written articles on local history, and is also the author of One Room out West, which is a story revolving around a one-room schoolhouse and its students. 

Currently Rita lives with her husband Marty in Cheney Washington. They have a son and a daughter and two wonderful grandsons. 

Margaret is a retired teacher and school librarian. She sharpened her writing skills while working as a letter-writer when she was stationed in numerous states with her husband who was an Army Dental Officer. 

Currently she lives in Spokane, WA with her husband. They have one daughter and a granddaughter. 


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