Author of the Week: Anna Kern

This week Cozy Cat Press presents Anna Kern and her mystery A Paw-sible Theory: A Murfy the Cat Mystery

A Paw-isble Theory is a cozy mystery in which Ethan Hille finds his mother Alyx unconscious at her kitchen table, bleeding from an injury to the head. The police believe Ethan injured his own mother after an argument about his spending habits. As evidence gathers against him, Ethan is arrested before Alyx can recover, although when she does she isn't much help, as she didn't see who attacked her. However, not all hope is lost as Alyx's cats, especially Murfy, seem to know something about Alyx's mystery attacker. Now all Alyx has to do is try to understand what Murfy is telling her so that she can save her son from an unjust imprisonment. 

Check out this excerpt: 

Mitsy had questions. I had no answers. Something was very wrong. In the kitchen, I saw Alyx slumped forward on the kitchen table, a dark fluid oozing from a gash on her head. I navigated the littered the floor, gingerly sidestepping the broken pieces of an earthenware pot more than a quarter of an inch thick, the kind that a first year pottery student would create, and lay down across her bare feet. I didn't know what to do. 

Mitsy tried to tell me it wasn't my fault, but she was wrong. My job was to look after my human. I appreciated her support, I really did, but it didn't make me feel any less responsible. I should have heard someone or something and warned her, but I fell asleep, heard nothing, saw nothing. Now Alyx was hurt. 

Want to find out if Alyx is able to understand the message her cats are trying to tell her? Wondering who wanted to hurt her and why? Feel a desire to find out what role her son Ethan has in this mystery if any? Get your copy here on Amazon.

Anna Kern has been making up stories in her head since she was a kid with imaginary friends. She had dreamed about publishing a novel since childhood, and A Paw-sible Theory has made that dream a reality. 

Anna recently retired from a public school system in Florida to move closer to her son James. She has two cats, Pooky and Mitsy (sound familiar?). Her cat Murfy lives with her son, but she visits them often. 

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