Author of the Week: JT Toman

This week Cozy Cat is presenting J.T Toman and her mystery Picking Lemons: A C.J. Whitmore Mystery. 

Picking Lemons is a mystery about the murder of Professor Edmund de Beyer, an economics professor. The professor, while renowned, was the most despised member in the department, making the police's job of searching for suspects seemingly easy. CJ Whitmore- the only tenured female in the department- decides she is going to solve this murder through the use of economics. 

Check out this excerpt: 

"Edmund sighed again. In his best, professional monotone, he addressed the class of students whose education was the lowest priority in his life-- professional or personal. He hadn't bothered to prepare a lecture today or even pretended to glance at the textbook while walking over. The fact that each student's family was paying hundreds of dollars for every class and expecting the finest education money could buy had no impact on Edmund's attitude. The parents weren't writing the checks to him; they were writing them to Eaton, the one and same institution that had hired him as a tenured professor. So, Eaton University couldn't fire him, no matter how awful his teaching was."

Want to know who murdered Edmund? Curious as to which enemy of angry students, parents and faculty let their anger burst?  But it here on Amazon:

Toman is a former economics professor at the University of Sydney, and zookeeper at the Butterfly Pavilion in Colorado. Now she teaches math, not straying far from her previous teachings. Toman fully believes that fractions are useful in everyday life-- a belief that has some pretty sound logic. 

Toman enjoys hiking, biking, and skiing. However, she also enjoys the inspirations of food such as home- grown tomatoes, udon noodles, and chocolate milk. Yum! 

Toman currently lives in Boulder, Colorado. 

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