Cozette's PURRfect Summer Reads by Cozette (and Elizabeth Wahmhoff)


I’ve always liked to curl up and read something that matches the weather outside my window, and right now the sun beating through glass is making my fur warm and cozy. It’s the middle of summer, and I know just the books that will warm up my mind as well. Read on to discover the three mysteries that make me feel PAWsitively in tune with the season!

Cabana Corpse: A Cassie Hall Mystery

My perfect summer day involves a heavy dose of cat napping by the pool…about the only time I like the water! But for Cassie Hall, it’s anything but relaxing when she finds a dead body underneath a tipped over cabana. As soon as the body is discovered, Cassie is out sleuthing, trying to determine which of the Parkstone’s rich residents could have been the culprit. I almost wet the litter box when the club room caught fire and a threatening message was left for Cassie in the rubble! You’ll have to buy the book to see if she can figure out who killed the Cabana Corpse before summer is over.

School's Out for Murder

Nothing meows summer like the end of the school year. Suddenly the neighborhood streets that were dead during the day are filled with kids riding their bikes, squirting each other with water guns, or setting up lemonade stands. I can always count on one of them to grab my tail, but their youthful energy is something unforgettable about the season. In School's Out For Murder, it’s during the last few days of the semester that substitute teacher Charli Parker discovers the body of one of the teachers hanging from a rope over her desk. She decides to investigate, and when another body turns up in the parking lot it might just put her in the path of a killer desperate to cover their tracks. Will Charli solve the mystery, or will tragedy put a damper on the students’ summer vacation? Pick up a copy of the book to find out!


Fourth of July is the holiday that is the epitome of summer. Parades, fireworks, and all things red, white, and blue grace the town, and Fourth of July barbecues are even better than catnip! But for Essie Cobb, this patriotic day turns into a mystery when a firework comes flying into the front lawn of the Happy Haven Retirement Home and strikes Essie and one of the residents in his keister. It makes my whiskers tingle that there might be something sinister behind the explosion, and, thankfully, Essie is determined to find out. You’ll have to get your paws on Firecrackered to discover if she is successful!

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool, savoring time off of school, enjoying a holiday, or just feeling summery, these mysteries are sure to have you FELINE good!