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Kate O’Connell

Kate O’Connell spent her youth in Europe, her teen years in northern New Jersey and her twenties in New Mexico, before moving back to Europe and then on to South Africa. To this day, her accent comes from an amalgamation of those places and no one can tell where she comes from. She likes it that way. She also likes to consider herself a librarian, though she has no formal qualifications, compelling the local librarians to keep a sharp eye on her. She does, however, have a lot of education. She received her BA in Theatre and History, her MA in Dance History and Criticism, and her MPhil in Dance Studies.

Kate’s research focused on the Argentine Tango community in London and while learning about the dance, she started teaching and performing. She still teaches classes and workshops and occasionally pushes the living room furniture aside so that she and her husband can dance.

Kate writes novels now. She also swims daily in the Atlantic Ocean and is tortured weekly by her Pilates instructor, and she has made it her mission to teach her daughter everything she knows about making room on the dance floor.

You can visit Kate at her website: www.dyingtodance.com.

Kate is the author of the Maddie Fitzpatrick Dance Mysteries series.