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Kenn Grimes

Kenn Grimes is both an author and a screenwriter, with two published books to his credit prior to the Booker Falls Mystery Series––a collection of short stories: Camptown: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Stories from Camptown, Kentucky, published in 2005 by Arbutus Press (now out of print) and The Other Side of Yesterday, a time travel novel published in 2012 by Deer Lake Press. A retired Lutheran minister who served congregations in Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri, Kenn at one time owned and operated Simply Married, the largest wedding service on Maui, Hawaii. During his Hawaiian ministry, he officiated at over 4,200 ceremonies. He and his wife, Judy, also a retired minister, now split their time between their homes in Louisville, Kentucky, and Lower Northern Michigan, where they continue to officiate at weddings. Strangled in the Stacks is the first in his Booker Falls Mystery series, and his first book with Cozy Cat Press.