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Cozy up to one of our 'Purrr-fect' mysteries

Aimee Talcos Mysteries

by Elizabeth Lanham

 Amanda Latham Mysteries

by R. J. Rein


Amanda Winters Mysteries

by Carmen Will


Bert Shambles Mysteries

by Tim Hall


Bittersweet Hollow Mysteries

by Annie Irvin and Rae Sanders


Booker Falls Mysteries

by Kenn Grimes  


Bret Jones Mysteries

by Bret Jones


California Lighthouse Mysteries

by Pam Brown


Caribou King Mysteries

by Linda Crowder


Carmel McAlistair Mysteries

by Liz Graham


Carolina Pennsbury Mysteries

by Helen Grochmal


Cisco Maloney Mysteries

by D. Ray Pauwels


CJ Whitmore Mysteries

by JT Toman


Damon Lassard Dabbling Detective Mysteries

by Stephen Kaminski


Denise Reed Mysteries

by Mary E. Koppel


Destinee Faith Miller Mysteries

by Lane Buckman

 DIY Diva Mysteries

by Paula Darnell


Dorothea Montgomery Mysteries

by Elizabeth Jukes

Dupree Sisters Mysteries

by Allen B. Boyer


Edmund DeCleryk Mysteries

by Karen Shughart


Edwina Goodman Mysteries

by Elissa Grodin


Ellie Kent Mysteries

by Alice K. Boatwright


Emily Swift Travel Mysteries

by Lorrie Holmgren


Erica Duncan Mysteries

by Laura Shea


The Essie Cobb Senior Sleuth Mystery Series

by Patricia Rockwell


Glory Girls Mysteries

by Susan Spencer-Smith


Group Written Books

by All Cozy Cat Press Authors

Hannah Sparrow History Mysteries

by Shawn T. Shallow


Home Renovator Mysteries

by M. E. Bakos


The Jennifer Penny Mystery Series

by Diane Morlan


John and Mary Braemhor Mysteries

by Owen Magruder


Julia Greene Travel Mysteries

by Linda Clayton


Kalico CAT Detective Agency Mysteries

by Penny S. Weibly


Kate and Doris Mysteries

by Trisha Durrant


Ken Knoll Architectural Mysteries

by Christian Belz


Lori Reynolds Mysteries

by Teresa LaRue


Maddie Fitzpatrick Dance Mysteries

by Kate O'Connell


Madeline's Teahouse Mysteries

by Leslie Matthews Stansfield


A Male Housekeeper Mystery

by Stephen Kaminski


Marcie and Amanda Mysteries

by Glen Ebisch


Miami Music Mysteries

by Zaida Alfaro


Mirror Lake Mysteries

by Elly Kirsten


Murfy the Cat Mysteries

by Anna Kern


Olive Reader Mysteries

by L. V. Nield

Pastor Clarissa Abbot Mysteries

by Glen Ebisch


Piper O'Donnell Social Lite Mysteries 

by Jennifer Vido


Pookotz Sisters Mysteries

by Bart J. Gilbertson


Psychedelic Spy Mysteries

by Sally Carpenter


Rabbi Kappelmacher Mysteries

by Jacob M. Appel


Sandy Fairfax Teen Idol Mysteries

by Sally Carpenter


Shaky Detective Mystery and Small Town Gossip Mystery

by Lyla Fox


 Shell Isle Mysteries

by Tonya Penrose


Snarky Mom Mysteries

by Jacqueline Corcoran


Sugarbury Falls Mysteries

by Diane Weiner


 Joshua McLintock Mysteries

by Steve Shrott


Sunshine Valley Mysteries

by Rita Strombeck


Tiara Investigations Mysteries

by Lane Stone


Wax Museum Mysteries

by C. F. Carter