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Zaida Alfaro

In Zaida Alfaro's novel THE LAST NOTE, the main backdrop is the amazing city of Miami, Florida, which is beloved and well-known to Ms. Alfaro. She was born and raised in Miami, and like the novel’s main character Vy, is a singer/songwriter, as well as the lead singer to a self-proclaimed cover band. All things relating to music or literature are her passion. She keeps a journal, and is constantly writing poems, stories, and any thought that comes to mind. She has a fascination for black and white films, that have the element of mystery. As she has been told by many, she has a very creative imagination.

Many years ago, she became an avid reader of cozy mysteries. The storylines were intriguing, engaging, and funny at the same time. She was so inspired by the authors, that she then decided to take her musical experiences, and put it on paper. She began writing this first novel in 2009. In between her full-time job,  weekend gigs, and personal life, she finally completed the novel. The phobia's, the dream sequences, and the quirkiness of the main characters, are all based on facts. Zaida hopes that she is able to bring the love she have for Miami, the Cuban culture, her family, and music, to the readers of her novel, and to the series to come.