Author of the Week: C.F. Carter

Cozy Cat Press presents C.F. Carter as author of the week! His cozy mystery is Death of a Dummy!

Death of a Dummy takes place in Old Quebec City, where nothing bad ever happens until Paul Wainscott comes into town. A surf bum with a goal to make his new building profitable, Paul did not expect dead bodies—including a street mime with a “dummy” act—to be popping up like killer waves. With a derelict wax museum in his basement and the help of his new business partner, a loopy octogenarian named Dottie, Paul must unravel the mystery behind a priceless antique tapestry and two seemingly unrelated murderers.

Check out this excerpt!

“You bought me a house in Quebec?”

“it’s an investment property. A real business, not one of your get-rich-quick schemes. If you get some solid tenants and don’t bungle things up, it’ll provide you with a steady income. There’s a pre-paid credit card in there with enough money to cover your expenses and mortgage for three months. But when the money runs out, that’s it.”

“He’s serious,” Todd chimed in. “Not another cent.”

Another cracking sound came from my pocket.

My dad continued, “Just so we’re clear—if you don’t turn a profit in three months, Todd will fly down and clean up your mess, and you’ll return home to work at the winery.”

I arched an eyebrow. “And if I succeed?”

“Then you’re free to do what you like. Keep the building, sell it to finance another business, I don’t care. But I’d like to see you stick with it for awhile. Who knows? You might even be happy there.”

I stared at the envelope and didn’t move.

C.F. Carter is a graduate of University of Western Ontario. He owns several internet companies and publishes MysteryWeekly magazine. He enjoys badminton, photography, and TV crime shows when he's not creating his own works of crime fiction. He currently lives with his wife and daughter near Hamilton, Ontario. He hopes to retire in Old Quebec, where Death of a Dummy takes place! 

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