Students Draw Our Mascot in Local Art Contest

Recently, young art students from local Studio Nafisa competed in a contest to create their impression of the Cozy Cat Press mascot Cozette. The winner and runners up are featured below.

Studio Nafisa is devoted to developing and nurturing creative skills and preparing students for lifelong success. They are a premier academy with STEAM focused education for kids. Students who go through their programs demonstrate improved performance in Math, Science and Creative Thinking. They improve their ability to communicate ideas and collaborate on projects effectively.

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The winner of the contest is Anisha. She is currently in 7th grade. She goes to Hill Middle School in IPSD 204. She enjoys reading and hanging out with friends. Art has always made her inspired and she has loved art since she was a little kid. Her biggest aspiration in art is to be able to sketch realistically. She has interest in music as well and currently learning how to play guitar. Her dream job is to become a geneticist. Here is her conception of Cozette:



 Runner Up  Aarohi is a 2nd grade student at Brookdale Elementary School in Naperville, IL. interest in art started during her preschool years and further developed when she enrolled in art classes. Other than art, she enjoys swimming, ice skating, playing outdoors and watching tv. She aspires to learn to sketch and paint as she grows up. Here is her impression of Cozette:


 Runner Up  Sanjana is a 3rd grader at White Eagle Elementary school, Naperville. Her family discovered her love and flair for art, when at age 2 she would draw and color perfect pictures, a feedback that was also consistently given by her teachers. She loves to draw, paint, make craft from waste and can spend hours a day creating things around the house. She loves communicating through pictures and looks for aesthetic appeal in things around her. Be it a floral arrangement in a vase or the mix of cushions on the sofa.

Her friends, teachers and family always receive hand-made cards and gifts and birthday celebrations at home mean elaborate decorations brainstormed and executed by her.  Her creative input for a stage backdrop got elected by her schoolmates for the school annual performance when she was in second grade and she has also won art competitions in her earlier school in India. 

She is currently pursuing Art classes at Studio Nafisa and is enjoying the structured scientific curriculum of learning art.

She is also pursuing Indian Classical dance and classical music and loves writing short stories and poems, having recently won the Young authors contest from her school and will be representing White Eagle in the Illinois Young Authors Conference. Sanjana wants to be a teacher when she grows up and wants to teach her kids to enjoy and appreciate all art forms. Here is her impression of Cozette:


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