Author of the Week: Lane Stone

We start June's Author of the Week posts with Lane Stone and her novel Domestic Affairs: A Tiara Investigations Mystery 

Domestic Affairs is a mystery about three women-- Leigh, Tara, and Victoria-- who own their own private eye firm named "Tiara Investigations." When going to a restaurant to meet a client they've dubbed 'Pop Tart' they arrive to find him dead, and they're positive it was murder. Even more startling is this man turns out to be Tara's boyfriend's stepfather. As more coincidences start to happen, the three women put their heads together to try and solve Pop Tart's murder. 

Check out this excerpt: 

"That's very interesting, Ms. Reed, but for the purposes of your statement, can we stick to the death of Mr. Thomas Chestnut? And by the way, seeing you again is an unexpected surprise, and pleasant surprise." I'm forty-nine, very soon to be fifty, and this FBI field agent looked about half that. I'd given him my statement for the first murder Tiara Investigations solved about a year ago. 

"Please call me Leigh." I didn't expect my path to cross the FBI's again either and that's the gospel truth. We started our agency to offer women low-cost, women-friendly investigations into cheating spouses but last year we witnessed a murder and solved it in our own very special manner. And now here we were again. Damn, we're good. 

Want to read more about these three murder- solving women? Need to find out who murdered Pop Tart, and why too many coincidences seem to be happening? But it here on Amazon:

Besides Domestic Affairs Lane has written 2 additional novels 

  • Current Affairs (The first Tiara Investigations novel) 
  • Maltipoos Are Murder

Lane was born in Atlanta and graduated from Georgia State University. She lives in Sugar Hill, GA with her husband and dog. 

She enjoys hiking in various countries and play golf, as well as doing volunteer work such as raising money for women political candidates, communications and media for the Delaware River and Bay Lighthouse Foundations, and conducting home visits for A Forever Home-- a dog foster organization. 

Want to find out more out Lane? Check out her Facebook page LaneStoneBooks and her website


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